You’re Going to Love Eating at Pappy’s Greasy Spoon

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A Canby tradition since 2002

Taste of the Town: Pappy’s Greasy Spoon
By Dennis McNabb, Contributing Writer | Photos by Andrew Sambuceto

Mike “Pappy” Merrill is known around town for being quite the character. He and his wife Lisa are just as woven into Canby’s fabric as the restaurant bearing his name. Just ask any of his regulars since he opened 22 years ago and they’ll tell you, “there’s no better place in town for a great home-cooked meal.”

Pappy’s opened in 2002 inside of Canby Bowl. The restaurant’s name is a combination of a nickname (Pappy) Mike was given by his oldest son and the type of food joint which inspired him (greasy spoon). And it proved to be a catchy one! That, along with the delicious and generous portions he served helped the business take off. In 2011, the bowling alley closed and Pappy’s moved to their current location on 2nd Avenue, inside Holly Mall.

The decor inside the restaurant can be described as 100% “Pappy.” Full to the brim with fun trinkets and memorabilia mostly given by patrons, the atmosphere reflects a certain “local” personality that’s not as common in bigger cities. Although Mike originally hails from New Hampshire, he moved to Canby in 1993, a place he claimed was “just like home but without the snow.” After living here for three decades, he’s now considered a local and feels deeply connected to the Canby community. The town has supported him through some of his darkest times and he’s genuinely grateful, supporting the community in return.

Of course, it all comes down to the food in the end, and that’s where Pappy’s really delivers! Open for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Sunday, Pappy’s is THE place to go in Canby for delicious comfort food. Biscuits and gravy (a Pappy’s favorite and a secret recipe), chicken-fried steak, home-cooked potatoes, specialty sausages, homemade soups, real milkshakes — the list goes on. Breakfast is most popular and served all day, but they also have fantastic burgers, sandwiches and salads for lunch — all made with high-quality ingredients from local distributors for almost two decades. The New England clam chowder is a specialty (with Mike, of course, born in New England), but he takes pride in everything he serves.

This is a true labor of love for Mike. Many dishes are named after people — Bob’s Best, the Smitty Smasher, Ozzie’s Obsession — because Pappy allows his regulars to help build the menu! These favorites were often requested and added to the permanent menu, named after their originator. For some who passed on, their memory is kept alive through food.

If you aren’t yet one of Pappy’s regulars, you need to stop in and find out what has inspired such loyalty from his patrons. As Pappy himself is fond of saying, “If you’re buyin,’ I’m fryin’!”

Support local businesses and find a new favorite “greasy spoon!” Pappy’s Greasy Spoon is located at 243 NW 2nd Avenue in Canby. Give them a call at (503)266-5452.