A Decade of Divine Beauty

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Premier Beauty Med Spa Toasts 10 Years

Business Feature: Divine Complexions
By Angie Helvey, Contributing Writer | Photos by Carly Carpenter

Divine Complexions Beauty Medspa has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Owner Christine Lewy was eight months pregnant with her second son when she began seeing clients at her house in the evenings after her husband returned from work. Four more sons and a decade later, Christine’s passion and hard work have transformed Divine Complexions into Oregon’s premier beauty med spa and she is proud to be celebrating ten amazing years!

Christine has the inside scoop on building a successful business, and it doesn’t come without taking risks. “The biggest milestone there, in the beginning, was being absolutely terrified and using all our family savings to start this extremely humble spa room,” she reflects. Her clientele quickly grew, and she expanded to a studio and then a bigger space with two rooms a year later. Christine took another huge leap in 2020, right at the height of the pandemic, and settled Divine Complexions in its current spacious, luxurious suite conveniently located near Costco and Target.

Using her extensive background and expertise in the beauty industry, Christine has worked tirelessly to create the dream spa she’s always envisioned and to develop her team. “I realized I couldn’t do it alone, and I didn’t want to,” Christine says. “I’ve mentored new estheticians, helped them grow, and taught them what’s worked for me.” Divine Complexions continued to grow with the addition of Christine’s mom, Tina, as a nurse injector. “I started out doing makeup application, facials, eyelashes, and waxing, but once we added the medical side, it allowed us to offer all the spa services you could possibly want, including Botox and fillers.”

Divine Complexions credits its success, quite simply, to its clients. “That’s what’s so special about this place. We’ve built an incredible following of people, and they are the reason we’re celebrating 10 years,” says Christine. “They’ve helped build it with their support, their loyalty and referrals.” Divine’s skilled and cohesive team is another cornerstone of the business. “My staff are very talented, but they’re also incredibly caring and kind. We are so passionate about what we get to do, and the love for our jobs creates this excitement that’s tangible when
you visit.”

Besides being a beauty guru and spa boss, Christine is a wife and also a mother to six boys. Growing her family alongside the business has taught her children lessons she didn’t expect. “They’ve watched us overcome challenges in business and as a family,” Christine explains. “They’re learning how to be brave and that it’s not about being fearless. It’s about being terrified and doing it anyway.” Christine credits her success to the unconditional support from her husband and unwavering love from her entire family. Her dad taught her perhaps the most important lesson: Always follow your heart. “He made me realize the passion inside of me and recognize I had to do everything in my power to follow it. I would never be able to work as hard as I do if I didn’t love it so much.”

Christine will continue growing and has big dreams for Divine. “It just keeps getting better. I have a vision of what it could be, and I’m really excited for that,” she says. “There are constantly new services and products in this industry. We want to keep bringing the best of the best, always providing an exceptional experience.”

Divine Complexions Beauty Med Spa is located at 25700 SW Argyle Ave C., Wilsonville. To book a service, give them a call at (503) 757-8280 or visit their website at divinecomplexions.com.