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Helping You Find the Best Insurance Policy

Business Feature: HealthMarkets — Madonna Suever
By Dennis McNabb, Contributing Writer

In the maze that is the healthcare system, finding the right health insurance policy to match your specific needs can be a daunting task. The quest is laden with an abundance of choice and an overwhelming deluge of information that, when it comes to the fine print, is often overwrought with industry jargon and impossible to understand. Add to that the serious considerations that must be made regarding your own personal health situation, budget constraints and the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, and it’s a wonder we succeed at all in this endeavor. Fortunately for us here locally, Madonna Suever of HealthMarkets Insurance is here to assist with this challenging task.

From the company’s website: “HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is one of the largest independent health insurance agencies in the United States. The company distributes health, Medicare, life and supplemental insurance products from more than 200 insurance companies with thousands of plans available nationwide to individuals and families, seniors, small business owners and their employees.”

The fact that HealthMarkets is an independent agency is key. The agents don’t represent just one insurance company with a limited product line that may or may not fit your needs. Instead, they represent more than 200 insurance companies with an abundance of products to more specifically address your situation.

When using a captive agent, there is always that nagging feeling that you might be missing out on a better deal or more comprehensive policy somewhere else. When utilizing Madonna’s services, those fears are utterly and decidedly allayed. HealthMarkets employs a highly-advanced computer system that, when fed your personal specifications, scours their massive database — comprising all of their insurance partners — and generates a list of the most relevant policies within seconds. Then it’s simply a matter of discussing with Madonna which of those policies works best for you. And the service is free! You still have to pay for your policy of course, but not for the service. There is absolutely no reason to shop anywhere else!

Madonna comes from a 20-plus-year career in HR. She discovered HealthMarkets through a friend who also works as an agent for the company. The two now share an office and Madonna could not be happier. She has always had the compulsion to help people, and HealthMarkets has provided her the conduit to do so in ways HR never allowed.

Quit shoveling money into a policy that isn’t an exact fit for you. Quit surfing the internet for scraps of information on policies that may or may not be better. Call Madonna Suever with HealthMarkets Insurance today, and let her do all of that for you. Let her put your mind at ease.

Visit or call 503-757-7121 for more details.