Your Pet Is Family. Welcome To Ours.

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Quality Pet Care In A Low-Stress Environment

Pet and Vet: Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital
By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer | Photos by Malaina Kinne

Is your family pet just that? Family? If you could, wouldn’t you make visits to the vet less stressful – for both of you? Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital feels the same way! From the time you enter their cozy living-room-style lobby and throughout the entire visit, you’ll find Hearthstone’s “fear free” practices warm and inviting.

Independently owned, Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital is quite new to the Tigard-Beaverton area, although Dr. Elly Burnett is a seasoned veterinary practitioner with years of experience. “The environment I’m trying to create here,” shares Dr. Burnett, “is one where a family or a client comes in with their pet and they don’t feel like they’re just another number in the day. I want them to feel included in the decision-making process.” Dr. Burnett makes an effort to get to know her clients and their pets by spending time with the owners and discovering each pet’s unique personality. Certified as a “fear free” practitioner, Dr. Burnett and her staff use very low-stress handling techniques for both dogs and cats. Some of these practices include the use of treat rewards, gentle restraint and if it’s necessary to take blood, keeping a pet with their owner as much as possible. “What I hear frequently,” comments Dr. Burnett, “is ‘my dog (or cat) is never this relaxed at the vet!’”

As a hospital, Hearthstone practices gold-standard surgery with state-of-the art monitoring equipment and an in-house laboratory that provides same-day results. “We’re well set up – ultrasound, digital x-ray, a nice little surgery suite and a great dental suite,” comments Dr. Burnett. Administering the best care possible and keeping your pet safe is Hearthstone’s highest priority and the overriding goal for any veterinary procedure. Additionally, among their assorted services, Dr. Burnett highly recommends dental care and conveniently offers a lower price point for this package than most other veterinary clinics in the area. The service, which includes cleaning (scaling and polishing) and full dental x-rays, is structured to encourage dental upkeep, as oral health is a key factor in your pet’s overall well-being.

Listed under wellness and preventive care, microchipping is another valuable service Hearthstone has to offer. Using the HomeAgain Thermochip which contains a body temperature sensor, this chip can not only locate a lost pet, but can alleviate a stressful procedure by scanning the chip to determine your pet’s temperature, rather than taking that temperature through traditional methods.

Presently, Hearthstone’s sole veterinarian, Dr. Elly Burnett lives less than a mile away from the clinic and employs a current staff local to the area. Dr. Burnett knows the community both as a practitioner and as a neighbor and realizes the importance of continuity of care. “When the time comes to add another doctor, I’ll be looking for someone who shares the same values and practice philosophies,” she relates. Looking to hire an assistant who will specifically work some Saturday hours, Dr. Burnett expresses, “I hate leaving my clients for the whole weekend.”

Dr. Burnett, whose hobby is riding horses, says “One of my goals when I went to veterinary school was to be a horse doctor, but I ended up working with small animals and really enjoying it.” She also sponsors a “Jump for a Summer” schooling series which takes place at the barn where she rides and boards her horse. Participants are able to gain experience in this non-rated series without all the pressure and expense of the bigger shows. Dr. Burnett sees this as a nice way to give back to the community and the affiliated donation helps support the shows and sponsor kids who can’t afford the fees.


Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital is located at 14210 SW Barrows Road, Tigard. Give them a call at (971)384-1310 or email Visit for a comprehensive list of services, fillable forms, online store and so much more!