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Putting Your Best Face Forward

Business Feature: Aesthetic Medicine
By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer | Photos by Carly Carpenter

When we look in the mirror do we see an image that reflects how we view ourselves? Is the aging process getting the better of us? Do we see dry rough skin, spots, deep wrinkles or other blemishes that we wish we could do something about? The answer is, you can! Aesthetic Medicine Physicians & Surgeons offers a wide range of procedures and treatments to enhance personal appearance and self-esteem. They likewise take pride in achieving results that look natural. Whether you’re twenty, sixty or eighty, a healthy “youthful” appearance can start with a simple facial. “You’re never too old,” says clinic owner, Dr. Darm to which Shana the CEO adds, “You’re never too young,” to look and feel your best.

Aesthetic Medicine Physicians & Surgeons is a small local business with a big presence. They lead the nation as the Number One provider for Facetite, a minimally invasive treatment for contouring the face and jaw line without using surgery. Through TV and marketing, they are able to get the word out, but in essence, they are truly community based. Dr. Jerry Darm, MD began the clinic in Lake Oswego in 1995 and has built a reputable and successful practice with a fantastic staff. Shana LaMarsh first worked for Dr. Darm for five years in a clinical capacity then left to pursue her education in nursing. She returned in 2019 taking up her current managerial role of CEO and COO. “I have an amazing team,” Shana says, relating that they create a friendly and familial feel around the office.

Consultations, led by Dr. Dram, are presented from the physician and surgeon’s clinical perspective. In addition, during the consult at Aesthetic Medicine, a patient “will always meet with the provider,” Shana remarks, which isn’t always the case within the industry. Shana focuses on the patient in a more personal manner. Her ability to understand and relate to certain hormonal or bodily changes that occur in women, in particular, allows her to provide additional perspective as well as counsel on realistic expectations. “We have products and services for everyone,” Shana adds and points out that winter is a great time to begin hair removal treatment as it can take several months to complete the process and prepare for warmer weather.

Community involvement is high on the list for Aesthetic Medicine Physicians & Surgeons. They support families in need and collaborate with KGW on back-to-school drives and Christmas-time toy drives. Shana has organized non-affiliated collection and distribution of items for the homeless in downtown Portland and a number of women’s shelters. Dr. Darm’s generous donations make it possible to purchase the much-needed items to aid our fellow neighbors.

Aesthetic Medicine Physicians & Surgeons is located at 4800 Meadows Road, Suite 100 in Lake Oswego. Call (503)907-9401 today to schedule a consultation or visit the website drdarm.com to schedule online, acquire additional information or “subscribe to newsletter.” Questions can be emailed to info@drdarm.com. Follow Facebook, Instagram and TikTok @aestheticmedicinelo.