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Kerry Yu, Fashion Expert

A woman dressed in a pink dress gets out of a pink car

Summer has been in full swing, igniting an electrifying wave of excitement. People are embracing their freedom to gather and celebrate, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere that fills the air. Amidst it all, there is one color that’s stealing the spotlight — pink!

Barbie Vibe

Inspired by the Barbie movie, Barbie fever has taken hold, creating a whimsical and playful ambiance as we dive into the world of summer fun with a pink-tastic twist.

The Lake Oswego Farmers Market sets the stage for a Barbie-inspired adventure. Embrace your inner fashionista as you select freshly picked flowers and savor the juiciest peaches.

If you are seeking a stylish way to explore the town, look no further than Matthews Memory Lane Motors. Choose this eye-catching pink car that will turn heads wherever you go, leaving a trail of envy and admiration in your wake.

After cruising in style, it is time to satisfy your appetite with some delightful cuisine at the Great Tang Chinese Food Cart. Begin by enjoying a refreshing glass of cold iced tea before indulging in mouthwatering dishes.

For the ultimate Barbie experience, Quailhurst Vineyard presents a glamorous Barbie-themed party. Get ready for a night of fashion and elegance, as Barbie enthusiasts come together to witness a stunning fashion show featuring the designs of local talent Diana Peralta and a lineup of gorgeous models. It is a gathering where Barbie dreams come to life!

This summer offers an abundance of unforgettable adventures, brimming with joy, style and endless fun!