Savor the Sea With These Amazing Culinary Dishes

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Taste of the Town: BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill

By By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer

“BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill offers exclusive seafood cuisine in the local Forest Grove area,” says the owner, who believes that the “unique recipes give an exciting taste to the dishes and that keeps the patrons coming back for more.” With a menu that focuses on “the best ingredients and the abundance of the ocean,” you’re sure to enjoy a great seafood culinary experience. Open daily from 11:00am to 8:00pm, BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill enthusiastically welcomes its customers and invites them to “come by and savor the exciting flavors of seafood.” Choose from dishes such as Garlic Butter Clams, Snow Crab Legs, Seafood Broil, Salmon, or Shrimp Noodle. Don’t miss out on the Friday Night Special which features a combo of Fish Fry with Seafood Chowder. Other tasty choices include Prawn Popcorn, Calamari Fry, Dungeness Crab, Pan Fried Cod and Seasoned Swai. Add your favorite ice cream shake or visit the Zesti Bar for a cold beer or a glass of wine. Enhance your experience with live music on Fridays or Saturdays or join in on Trivia Night every Wednesday starting at 6:00 p.m. 

If you’re planning a party or group event, look no further! BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill also offers catering services. Their extensive and delicious selections include such mouth-watering choices as Sweet Corn n Sour Chicken Soup, Grilled or Steamed Lamb, Po Boy Sliders and Cheesecake with Mango Topping. Yum! For the complete Catering Menu, be sure to check out the Catering Page listed on BlueSea’s website and call (503)941-5410 with any questions or to place your catering order. 

BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill began two years ago with the idea to create exciting seafood dishes that would serve the culinary desires of its customers. When looking around for an opportunity, it was discovered that there were no food trucks in the area that served the delicious offerings of the sea. With a plan in place, the Zesti Food Carts community in Forest Grove was selected as the perfect location to set up a seafood kitchen. Living in the area and with “a love to share our most popular seafood cuisine,” the owner acknowledges their choice of both the style of food selected and the placement of the food truck kitchen. BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill places a great value on each and every customer. The kitchen maintains an operation of high standards and the staff always puts forth a great attitude and a positive outlook. The food is good quality and locally sourced whenever possible. Additional help at BlueSea include family members who also share the desire to bring “the best the sea has to offer” to their local clientele. For customer convenience, remember that BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill can also be ordered through many third-party apps!

Committed to the local community, BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill supports Forest Grove Youth Baseball and recently participated in their raffle ticket fundraiser. Looking ahead, BlueSea has plans to expand the business in the future when the time is right. To view more on BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill visit their website or their Social Media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and Google. 

BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill Food Cart is located at 2131 Yew St. in Forest Grove in the Zesti Food Carts community. For Orders and Catering visit BlueSea’s website or call (503)941-5410. Email BlueSea, Seafood Boil & Grill at