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House And Home: Northwest Breeze

Written by Dennis McNabb, Staff Writer | Photos by Carly Carpenter

Toxic pollutants are everywhere, especially in the air we breathe outside and even inside our homes. Surprisingly, studies have shown that the air inside is two to five times more polluted than the air outside! And since Americans, on average, spend 90% of our time indoors, our immune systems are constantly at war with our environment. Our homes can accumulate as much as 40 pounds of debris within our HVAC systems every year, and that’s for households with no pets! The Science Advisory Board has actually gone on record stating that indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to public health.

What does all of this mean to homeowners? It means it’s an absolute imperative to follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines and schedule your air ducts to be cleaned at least once every three to five years. And when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system, there is no one better in the Willamette Valley and Portland area than Google’s top-rated air duct cleaners, Northwest Breeze.

Northwest Breeze absolutely guarantees the work they do, employing the usage of a Negative Air Vacuum, a complex system that uses a compressed-air blower to clear the ducts while a vacuum simultaneously traps the hazardous particles and then releases them outside your home.. Their method is the only one on the market, in fact, which cleans the entire HVAC system effectively and without damaging the ducts. Whether cleaning your cold air returns, supply vents, furnace burners, outdoor A/C units and coils, or dryer vents, they use all of the most effective, efficient tools and methods in the industry.

In addition to all of the health hazards you may be facing due to the air pollution in your home, clogged vents and filters can reduce airflow and cause your HVAC system to work harder just to maintain your ambient temperature. It cuts back on the efficiency and longevity of your system. In order to protect both your family’s health and what is likely your largest investment — your home — start taking regular care of your HVAC system today. It’s time to do your spring cleaning anyway, so there’s no better time than the present. Don’t neglect for another day, one of the most important aspects of that process.

Northwest Breeze is a locally-owned and -operated business with strong ties to the community. Among other things, they are proud participants in the annual PNW Toy Drive for Randall’s Children’s Hospital. Support your family’s health while supporting local businesses. Contact Northwest Breeze today for a free quote.

Call 503-342-1088 or check them out online at for more information.