Dentistry from the Heart

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Business Spotlight: Smile Linn Dental
Written by Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer | Photos by Brittney Waterman

W e do dentistry from the heart!” proclaims Dr. Fadi Ibsies, the owner of Smile Linn Dental located in West Linn. With an unwavering commitment to his community, Dr. Ibsies has been recognized as one of Portland Monthly’s Top Dentists in an annual survey conducted by his peers since 2010. While dental practices are increasingly falling into the hands of corporate entities, Smile Linn Dental remains proudly privately owned.

At Smile Linn Dental’s cutting-edge facility, patients receive a personalized dental experience coupled with the latest technological advancements. Dr. Ibsies, a prominent figure in West Linn’s dental landscape, founded his practice in 2006 on the fundamental principle of treating every patient like family. Remarkably, the dedicated staff at Smile Linn Dental has remained unchanged since its inception 17 years ago, a testament to the familial atmosphere fostered by Dr. Ibsies.

To ensure patient satisfaction and peace of mind, Smile Linn Dental utilizes only the highest quality crowns and filling materials. This commitment to excellence ensures that patients can trust the materials used in their dental procedures. Recognizing that teeth are a precious resource, the dental team at Smile Linn Dental approaches fillings, crowns, and treatments conservatively and with meticulous care. Before commencing any treatment, patients are provided with a detailed treatment plan, thoroughly discussed and understood by all parties involved. “The difference between mediocrity and excellence is attention to detail,” asserts Dr. Ibsies, who draws inspiration from Sebastian J. Barbarito. This quote encapsulates his approach to both life and dentistry.

Dr. Ibsies embarked on his dental journey after graduating from OHSU and subsequently moved to Scottsdale, AZ, where his wife Azza pursued her PhD in molecular biology. Their union led them to Oregon, where Smile Linn Dental was established, coinciding with the birth of their son. Today, their family has grown to include another son, and Dr. Ibsies has further expanded his professional endeavors. In January 2020, he opened Smile Oswego Dental, a second practice with his dental partner, Dr. Marcus Uchida, also a proud OHSU graduate, unaware of the impending Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges posed by the crisis, Smile Oswego Dental has thrived, exemplifying Dr. Ibsies’ and Dr. Uchida’s resilience and adaptability. Additionally, Dr. Ibsies is the founder of a software company that holds an impressive 14 patents for charting software designed for dental and medical professionals. Currently in the Beta testing phase at his offices, this innovative software promises to enhance the efficiency of healthcare providers. Dr. Ibsies also serves as an advisor to multiple emerging software startups.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Ibsies actively participates in his community, serving as a sponsor for numerous local events. As a proud member of the West Linn Rotary Club, he contributes to Rotary projects aimed at enhancing the city. One might even catch him selling kettle corn at the renowned Music in the Park concert series, an event that Smile Linn Dental has consistently co-sponsored since its inception.

For those seeking exceptional dental care, Smile Linn Dental can be found at 18750 SW Willamette Dr., Suite B-2 in West Linn. To schedule an appointment, contact the office at (503) 607-2222 or visit for more information.