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Business Spotlight: Trees Plus NW

By Dennis McNabb, Staff Writer | Photos by Carly Carpenter

One of the great benefits of living here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is the abundance of rich and verdant woodlands. The problem is, we take a lot of it for granted. We assume that the more mature the tree, the less human intervention is required. That’s not always the case though. Mature trees, just like shrubs and bushes, require regular maintenance. Fortunately, we have professional tree care specialists in the area like Trees Plus, who excel in this kind of work.

Owners Maria and Leo Cervantes have more than 15 years of experience in forestry. Leo is also a firefighter! Together, they lead this team of residential tree experts on a mission to serve homeowners and business owners throughout the community. And it’s not just about keeping your trees healthy and beautiful. That is their priority, but more than that, it’s also about protecting people, property, and investments. According to a report by OSHA, there are over 100 landscape and tree fall fatalities every year! That number would be significantly less if everyone in the country could employ Trees Plus for regular pruning and maintenance.

In their natural state, forests are complex ecosystems with millions of interdependent organisms working in conjunction to keep a healthy and sustainable balance. That said, trees are still susceptible to catching diseases, being attacked by beetles and other pests, struggling against the effects of drought, and more. Deep in the woods, none of that poses a problem to homeowners. Trees fall, it’s part of the cycle, the circle of life. But when those trees are next to homes, it can be incredibly dangerous.

One call to Trees Plus can not only save the lives of your trees, it can save the lives of your family! Tree care and maintenance for residential and small commercial properties, pruning and removal, brush clearing and removal, storm debris cleanup, stump grinding; they do it all and more!

That dead tree on your property you’ve been keeping your eye on, or even that healthy tree with the diseased limb; don’t wait for it to fall on your house! And don’t hire some fly-by-night operation boasting the lowest prices in town. This is the kind of job that requires years of experience and expertise, and you want to use someone who has a proven track record, and a reputation you can rely on. Trees Plus is quick to respond, highly professional, detail-oriented, and respectful of both you and the environment. They will always do right by both.

And Trees Plus, as an organization, is growing. They are looking now to bolster their teams with qualified individuals. Local certified arborists and estimators are needed, as well as tree climbers. So if you fit that bill, now is the time to call.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get to enjoy some of the most amazing and lush greenery that exists in the country. But trees and houses don’t mix, and if it comes down to it, the house is going to lose every time! Don’t fall into that trap of thinking that nature will take care of itself. Call Leo and Maria, and sleep better tonight knowing that you’ve done your due diligence to keep your family and property safe. And for Spanish speakers, Leo and Maria are bilingual! At Trees Plus, the customer and their trees always come first!

Give Trees Plus a call at 503-393-0608. Email them at Or check out their website for more information: