A Wondrous Patch of Pumpkin Perfection

The Company mission, “Grow Stronger Communities. Grow Fresh Food for Our Community. Connect Families to Agriculture,” applies to all aspects of their farming, harvesting and retailing business. A visit to this local Molalla farm or one of their satellite roadside stands will have you walking away with armfuls of farm-fresh produce… and maybe a pumpkin or two!

Flowers Guaranteed To Beautify Your Home

In 2008, she opened Main Street Floral and found her joy again, acknowledging, “I won’t know if I’ve failed if I don’t try.” From the start, Marilyn committed to reaching out to nonprofits, providing both goods and support, while recognizing she still had to attend to her bottom line.

Celebrate Molalla

In 2017, the Molalla City Council embarked on creating a vision and action plan. The plan would be a road map for Molalla from 2020 to 2030. The project reached an important milestone in July 2018 with the idea of a city celebration.