Fellowship, Service And Community Drive Newberg Rotarian Strong Membership

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Provided by Newberg Rotary

I admit that my main reason for joining Rotary was to meet people. I moved to Oregon in August 2019, and due to COVID-19, I met very few people in the community and felt a little isolated and lonely. I spoke to a friend about it; she was a Rotarian and suggested I join Rotary. I was already familiar with the organization and the excellent work Rotarians do throughout many communities, so I decided to try it. Now, three years later, many friends and activities later, I am President of the Club.

Rotarian Dedicated to Service

The statistics for why people decide to join Rotary are a little surprising. The number of people that join Rotary for service work is lower than one might think, but that’s okay. The reason for joining is not important; what is important is why people stay in Rotary. Why do people come week after week, year after year, and participate in the many Rotary events we have throughout Newberg? People join Rotary for many reasons; some join for the business connections and network that Rotary can provide, others may join to make friends, and some are looking for ways to give back to their community.

Rotary offers so much; it is an excellent way to continue personal growth and development. We continuously learn about new things; many speakers are invited to our meetings, informing us on various topics. Some topics have been about local charities, local organizations, beekeeping, and theater; the topics are endless. Many young people are joining Rotary because of the leadership opportunities it provides. Rotary is, in fact, an organization of leaders and successful people, and it provides leadership learning and how to motivate, influence, and lead leaders.

Of course, Rotary is a service club. Our product is serving. Rotarians provide community service to both local and international communities. I believe this is the best reason for becoming a Rotarian; the opportunity to support our community, to help somebody else, and the self-fulfillment that comes with that truly enriches one’s life. Rotary sponsors project locally and internationally; our reach is long, and our impact significant.

As I mentioned, people join the Rotary for many reasons, but statistically, the number one reason people remain in the Rotary Club is for the fellowship. I can attest to the wonderfully giving, kind, caring members of the Rotary Clubs in Newberg and worldwide. I stay in Rotary not only to continue the outstanding work our club does in the community but because I enjoy the many friends I have made, the service activities we perform, and the tremendous personal satisfaction I get from giving back.

If you think Rotary may be for you, please get in touch with me at newbergnoonpresident@gmail.com. We would love to have you join us for a meeting. You may want to attend a few meetings before joining, and that’s okay too! There is no right or wrong reason for joining Rotary, so come visit us and join a network of leaders and service-oriented individuals and we will make a difference together.

For more information on membership or club activities visit NewbergRotary.org