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A local family farm’s prescription for natural nourishment

Farm Focus: Ramage Farms
By Angie Helvey, Contributing Writer | Photos courtesy of Ramage Farms

Ryan Ramage knows better than most that a good grass farmer makes a better cattle rancher, meaning that maintaining the quality of the grass and soil is vital to raising healthy cows. We’ve all heard the phrase “You are what you eat,” but Ramage Farms takes that concept to a new level. Using regenerative practices, this local family farm produces only the highest quality natural grass-finished beef. Antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and always handled humanely, their meat is USDA-processed at Revel Meat Co. in Canby and packed with so much flavor that you’ll be amazed!

Ryan grew up in the agricultural world, mostly around nursery stock, and in 2016, he returned to his roots and began a hobby farm, raising a few cows and growing his own vegetables. The farm’s reputation for its beef has grown exponentially over the last four years. “It’s been a lot of word-of-mouth, and people are changing their habits,” says Ryan. “Once they try local products and experience the difference, they can’t go back to eating commercial meat.”

But what’s the secret to great taste? According to Ryan, it’s all about starting from the ground up. That includes planting different types of grass seed and following a wholesome mineral program. “We stick with a full grass-fed, grass-finished program,” he explains. “Some people think you need to use grain or corn to get flavor, and we’ve proven you don’t; these cows just need variety.”

The herd is primarily Angus with a few Charolais, both breeds that thrive on Ramage’s farming practices. 25-pound assorted Butcher Boxes, half and whole beef, and bulk ground beef orders can be bought directly from the farm, but for customers who want a smaller sample, Ramage Farms has partnered with Tony’s Fish Market in Oregon City and keeps a consistent supply for purchase in the store. “When you buy corporate products, you have no idea where they came from,” Ryan points out, “but here, you have cows that were raised and processed right down the road. The product never leaves that circle, and you’re supporting small businesses and families by buying locally.”

As far as daily life on the farm goes, it’s just a dad and his girls. Madison, 26; Raegan,15; Reese,13; and nine-year-old Roxy all pitch in, whether helping out with the animals, boxing products, or keeping Dad organized. Madison lives in Bend and is dedicated to spreading the message that locally sourced food is the key to a healthy body and lifestyle. It’s been fun for Ryan to watch them grow passionate about the cows they raise. “The girls know how to work body language with the cows, and you can see their calmness,” he says. “That’s the whole vibe we want on our property.”

Ramage Farm’s primary location is on Central Point, where the cows live, but three years ago, they also acquired the Mulino Venue property. Originally an old hemp farm, Ryan’s been busy using natural soil restoration practices to bring the neglected land back to life. “When I first started, you couldn’t find so much as a worm in that soil; it was completely dead. Working the fields with manure and biochar has made a huge difference and we’re creating a habitat for birds and pollinators,” he says. “It’s been neat to see all the wildlife returning to the area simply by focusing on the dirt.”

The family anticipates a full summer schedule at the Mulino property with chances for visitors to walk the U-Pick sunflower field and attend events with live music and local food vendors. “We live in a loud, fast-paced world. Sometimes you’ve got to kick off your shoes and get grounded. This is a place where local people can come and just relax,” says Ryan.

The Ramage family hopes to empower the community to focus on food as medicine. “We’ve loved hearing feedback from our repeat customers and changes they’ve noticed as they transition to a healthier lifestyle and begin sourcing their food locally,” Ryan says. “There’s so much evidence that implementing the right things with diet will heal our minds and bodies. We’re inspiring people to ditch ‘the pharm’ and come out to the farm.”

Ramage Farms is located at 25272 S. Central Point Rd., Canby. Please give them a call at 503-799-9728 or visit their website at