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PDX’s Fruition defies genres with new take on Americana

Pop Culture: Fruition
By Dennis McNabb, Contributing Writer | Photos courtesy of Fruition

The members of the band Fruition

In the vast and diverse tapestry of what we refer to as the human experience, the almost singular language which transcends boundaries of race, ethnicity, and cultural background is music. In profound and inexplicable ways, it acts as a unifying force – a catalyst for emotional expression and connection that evokes harmony among even the most dissonant of forces. The bands who find their audiences, and especially those who endure over time, are the ones who possess artistic integrity, who refuse to follow trends, but instead follow their muse, wherever it might take them. Portland based Fruition is just such a band. They are the real deal.

With genuine authenticity, Fruition has steadily grown and expanded their sound since their debut album in 2008. Subverting genres, they have explored a variety of textures and musical soundscapes, releasing a slew of consistently strong albums which, while running the gamut of styles, still manage to maintain the sound of Fruition. The music cuts deep, with raw emotionality and a catchy, folk-Americana sensibility, grounded by gorgeous three-part harmonies. I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with one of the founding members, Kellen Asebroek (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano), and he stated that it was their vocal compatibility that really brought the band together.

The past few years have seen the band evolving even further and now that they are preparing to release a new collection of songs for the world — with a scheduled release date of spring, 2024 — they are more excited than ever to share what they have achieved. Although they didn’t consciously set out to do so, the band really discovered their identity on this release. “It only took us 16 years,” Kellen joked, but they finally came to the conclusion that they are an Americana band. They have played at Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, and Jamband festivals: their music incorporates all of those genres, but at their core they are Americana, and discovering that has been a liberating experience. For a band who has always prided themselves on their authenticity, their latest album will perhaps be their most authentic to date!

Recorded live without overdubs, autotune, or studio “magic,” this new collection promises a certain grit and immediacy that is missing from a lot of current releases. With deeply moving lyrical content, catchy hooks, and creamy-smooth vocal harmonies, this is music for the soul. Fruition fosters a shared emotional experience among their listeners that defies the constraints of cultural divides, and in this day and age, what more can be asked of a band?

Find out more about Fruition via their website: or follow them on social media under fruitionpdx.