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Business Feature: 72 Degrees
Written by Dennis McNabb, Staff Writer | Photos by Craig Brubaker Photography

The fleet of vehicles at 72 degrees HVAC

I’m sure many of us have had our fair share of problems with contractors and service technicians; inconsistent reliability, questionable advice, inflated diagnostics – the list goes on and on. The problem is that when it comes to specialized repairs for our homes, we’re generally at their mercy. They’re the “experts” and we have no point of reference to question their integrity or hold them accountable for subpar service. That’s why it’s so important to find the ones who are honest, and who can be trusted to do the job right every time.

When it comes to trustworthy service for your HVAC system, the only name you need to be familiar with in the Portland Metro area is 72 Degrees. Steve Green is the owner, and he takes an incredible amount of pride in making sure his company operates the right way. Steve is not only well-versed and educated in all aspects of the industry, but he also runs an extremely tight ship, holding himself and each of his employees to impeccably high standards.

Employees receive weekly training to keep abreast of the latest products and technologies, in addition to understanding methods of handling various customer service scenarios. In addition to the rigorous testing and continuous education received in-house, all of the 72 Degrees technicians are NATE certified, which is the gold standard in this industry. It means that if you hire 72 Degrees to do a job for you, whoever they send is going to be highly trained and capable of handling any situation.

They also adhere to the Technician Seal of Safety, which is also the highest of industry standards. Every employee goes through rigorous background checks, drug testing, and professional training, so you can feel at ease welcoming them into your home.

That level of comfort extends to the job itself as well. Steve is adamant in making sure that his technicians educate their customers, rather than trying to sell them. He wants you to have complete peace of mind knowing the service you receive is exactly what is needed, and that the cost is competitive and fair.

Additionally, 72 Degrees uses a very unique and very cool hi-tech gadget called “The Inspector,” which is rarely used by other HVAC companies. This nifty device catches about 80% of your heat exchanger leaks, as opposed to other methods which only catch about 10%, meaning that their technicians are able to give you the most comprehensive diagnosis available. This is also a perfect time to ask them about the multitude of products they carry which can kill up to 99% of the mold spores, allergens, viruses and bacteria that cycle through your air system.

This is truly a first-class operation. 72 Degrees has the most highly-qualified, highly-trained technicians and the most cutting edge tools to provide you with the best service possible. In fact, Steve is so confident in the competence and professionalism of his team that he has a “fix it right or it’s free” guarantee – and that’s a sincere promise! All of this, and they are a locally owned and operated family business.

Give them a call today, and make sure your HVAC system is ready for winter! For more information or to schedule your service, call 503-655-0556 or visit www.72degreesoregon.com