Furthering Dental Knowledge and Skills to Better Serve our Patients

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Business Feature: Schuyler family Dental & Orthodontics

By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer

The Schuyler Family Dentistry Team

Smiles are a cherished form of communication. Think of your own mother’s smile, or maybe your dad’s, or that hard-to-please teacher’s when you got it so right. Schuyler Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is about far more than general dentistry. Developing and maintaining a healthy smile can go a long way towards one’s overall health and well-being. A healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy body, and a confident smile can hold the key to a successful connection.

Cleanings, crowns, fillings, and root canals, Schuyler Family Dentistry & Orthodontics (pronounced Sky-ler) performs all the basics. In addition, Schuyler Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is proud to be a certified Invisalign® provider. This innovative orthodontic process of straightening teeth with a virtually invisible correction appliance is a “convenient and comfortable option to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.” Among the host of additional procedures and treatments offered are single-visit CEREC® tooth restorations, and KÖR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System which “can restore the beauty of your smile in just two weeks.”

Growing up in a small rural town along the Oregon coast, Dr. Joshua Schuyler relates how his youthful memories steered him towards dentistry. “I had a really good experience with my orthodontist,” he says. “As a kid, I personally benefited from braces, so that was always something I was interested in.” During college he continued an interest in healthcare, enjoying both the hands-on and the artistic side as well as the scientific aspect of dentistry. Holding a B.S. in biology from Oregon State University and a Doctorate in Medical Dentistry from OHSU, Doctor Joshua Skyler developed a practice which has served the Woodburn community since 2008. He has recently added a Hubbard location to the practice. Dr. Schuyler’s wife, Nirvana, is also a dentist, and owns a practice in Tigard.

Dedicated to improving smiles and providing the most comprehensive care available, Dr. Schuyler strives to provide everything possible under one roof. Associate dentists are upbeat, experienced, and kind. Employees enjoy a warm and friendly work environment and love to socialize outside the office as well. Team Building events include scavenger hunts, lunches, and art events such as making tie-dyed bags for orthodontic patients to take home. Community involvement includes sponsorships for North Marion and Woodburn schools, as well as local canned food and toy drives.

During March 22 – March 31, Woodburn School District’s Spring Break, Schuyler Family Dentistry & Orthodontics invites you to take advantage of this time off school and plan a free orthodontic consultation, or a follow-up orthodontic appointment. Call today to schedule!

Schuyler Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is located at 1325 N Pacific Hwy. in Woodburn. Call (503) 902-4911 or visit their website at schuylerfamilydentistry.com.

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” One of the most exciting aspects of dentistry is how it is constantly advancing. Research leads to technological innovations, new materials, and changes to techniques. I love furthering my knowledge and skills to better serve our patients.” – Dr. Joshua Schuyler