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Business Feature: Bricks and Minifigs
By Dennis McNabb, Contributing Writer | Photos by Brittany Jungenberg

LEGO®: Just the brand name alone brings a smile to our faces. It sparks a flourish of creativity in our minds, and whether eight or eighty, we’re never too young or too old to enjoy the almost endless possibilities within. Bricks & Minifigs, an independent LEGO retailer located in Canby, is your one-stop LEGO toy shop! This 5,000 square foot superstore is the flagship location of a growing chain which buys, sells, and trades all things LEGO branded. From complete sets, minifigures, loose LEGO pieces and accessories, their selection is unmatched! And because they are the largest store of their kind, they have the widest selection of new, pre-owned, and retired LEGO sets on the market! There is one limitation, and one limitation only when it comes to Bricks & Minifigs: your imagination!

New owners the Kornish family just purchased the store in February of this year and are incredibly excited by the opportunity to elevate this location to new heights. Mike Kornish, in particular, grew up playing with LEGO bricks and spent countless hours in this very store! He is an avid collector and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the LEGO brand. Owning this location, along with his parents, is a dream come true. Spend five minutes with Mike in the store and you’ll understand: his enthusiasm is infectious!

And of course, at Bricks & Minifigs, it’s not just about buying, selling, and trading. They understand that a key part of the process is actually getting to play and create! So if you have a youngster (or a youngster at heart!) who loves playing with LEGO bricks, this is the perfect place to hold a Brick Party! Whether it’s for a birthday or just to get some friends together, at the Canby location they have a special “Party Space” reserved for every occasion! You provide the food and drinks and they’ll provide the LEGO fun! And don’t forget, there is no such thing as “too old” when it comes to this kind of entertainment!

Bricks & Minifigs is the premier store of choice for true LEGO aficionados. They carry many items that can’t be found anywhere else. Like most collectibles, LEGO sets and minifigures are only available for a short time before being “retired.” If you don’t pick them up in a timely manner, you can miss out. At Bricks & Minifigs, because they are constantly buying, selling, and trading both new and pre-owned items, it’s often possible to find some of those sets you thought would never be available again! In addition, their massive “bulk” bins of loose pieces can help you to complete those old sets that you’ve owned for years, but couldn’t display due to missing parts!

This is a locally-owned and operated business run by passionate people who consistently fuel the flames of the inner child: both theirs and yours!. The Kornish family are enamored with the work and so appreciative of their amazing and knowledgeable staff. Their dedication and enthusiasm has been the glue holding this transition together. It’s obvious the minute you walk into the store, with the bright colors and amazing displays (done by various customers and staff members), this is a labor of love. Since 1932, when LEGO toys were introduced, these amazing little bricks still ignite creativity, encourage interaction and bring people together!

Next time you’re looking for the perfect party place, call Bricks & Minifigs in Canby at 503-263-3337! Or you can stop on by and peruse the shelves; you just might find that long-retired LEGO set you always wished you had purchased but thought was gone forever.

On July 20th, Canby’s Bricks & Minifigs will host their grand opening celebration. Pizza, cookies and drinks will be served and the first 100 people arriving will get a special gift.

Bricks and Minifigs Canby is located at 250 SW 1st Avenue (99E). Give them a ring at (503) 263-3337, or visit their website at